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Outsourcing ... The way of the Future!

There are many different roles you play as a Property Manager … It’s not only about collecting the rent! At Property Reports Plus our trusted and qualified team work to alleviate some of these tasks so you can spend more time providing high quality service to your landlords and tenants.

Being out of the office and spending time travelling between properties means the Property Manager is not always available by phone or email when their client needs them most. Building a strong rapport with a client is the key to growing your rent roll as the best tool is word of mouth from happy clients.

By allowing Property Reports Plus to carry out these tasks for your office, you can also ensure continuity during staff changes providing enough time for new staff to settle into their role.

Grow your rent roll, reduce stress, retain staff and provide excellent services with our help! Contact us today to see how we can assist your office with Property Condition Reports, Final Inspections, Routine Inspections and Home Opens for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

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