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Property Reports Plus - What Makes Us Different?

Director Nicole Reddie had worked for over 12 years in the Real Estate Industry in both Residential and Commercial Property Management before starting a family. In 2014, Nicole wanted to re-enter the workforce but with a role more flexible to suit her family requirements. Having known what it was like to work as a Property Manager and the many different jobs they have to deal with on a daily basis, Nicole started Property Reports Plus to alleviate some of these tasks and we have only been growing since then.

For nearly five years, Property Reports Plus has been trusted by over 40 different Real Estate Companies, as well as many Private Landlords throughout the Perth metropolitan area to carry out Property Condition Reports, Final Bond Inspections and Routines Inspections in both Residential and Commercial Properties.

Director Nicole Reddie at the 2018 REIWA Expo

So what make us different? ... For starters all of our Property Inspectors are qualified Property Managers, most of who have been working within the industry for years. As qualified Property Managers our inspectors know exactly what they are looking for when they attend properties and are able to give more accurate feedback to our clients.

We have 9 inspectors based all across Perth allowing us to service clients from Mandurah to Two Rocks and whats even better is that travel cost is included in the price!

We like to keep it old school and record our PCR's via Dictaphone. Why do we do this? Well it allows us to always have our eyes up looking around the property instead of down at a computer or trying to type reports off photos. Our voice recordings are then sent to professional typists before being sent back to the original inspector for proof reading.

In-House Office Assistance is another service offered by Property Reports Plus for when you just need that bit of extra help. One of our friendly team members is available from a few hours to a week to attend your office and assist you where necessary including Answering/directing Phone Calls, Application Checks, Filing and Preparation of Documents.

Our dedicated team at Property Reports Plus are always ready to help so why not get in touch with us today to find out more about our services! Email

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